Weird West Steampunk

with the Allegory Society's Covert Cogs!

The first three Case Files of the Covert Cogs
can be purchased separately 
or in a single Covert Cogs Omnibus now!
.They are The Case of the Shootist's Finger,
The Case of the Repurposed Man,
and The Case of the Hole in the Wall.
This simply means  new case is on tap with
The Case of Euphoric Proportions
 beginning later this year.
However, we don't just stay on one side of the "pond" because it all began with the comedic pseudo romance short story 
"Miss Bashlingburg's Attempts".
We're following it up with the new short story series following the comedic mystery series
featuring the staff of
Castlecutt and Whitemayne Inquiry Agents,
the first tale being
The Case of the Marquis' Unchosen Bride.
Don't forget the every changing look of
Gwen Grimm, the mistress of glamours
at the Supernatural Investions Network
in a Roarin'g Twenties Dieselpunk world.
There's even a new story with Gwen up this summer -- scroll on down for a look!

Victorian Steampunk 

and introducing a new Gaslamp Fantasy/Steampunk series

Castlecutt and Whitemayne Inquiry Agents

 short stories set 1880s in London


Don't miss dipping into the 1920s with the team of agents from
the Supernatural Investigation Network
Twenties slang slung ith a passion as Gwen Grimm
and her associations always get their man...or thing.
And Gwen Grimm has a new tale to spring on your!
Called "The Folies of 1919" it's all about her first days on the jobe at SIN
Both just 99 cednts each!