Who is Nied Darnell?

NIED DARNELL lives in a different world. Well, TWO different worlds. One is the Weird West Steampunk universe of her Covert Cogs tales. The other is a Dieselpunk 1920s where the cleverest agent for the Supernatural Intelligence Network (SIN) does her best work while visiting speakeasies and tossing Twenties slang like Babe Ruth was gonna take a swing at it. Mangling history is what Darnell likes doing best. Them academics who gave her a degree in history, under a different name o’ course, probably are runnin’ screamin’ from their offices in horror. Darnell sends all her agents, whether they be the Gilded Age teams or the ones carryin’ roscoes, forth though messages left for covert pick up at Facebook 

or @Nied Darnell on Twitter or here via Contact.

In her other disguise as a fiction writing instructor

and workshop presenter where she is Beth Daniels,

she spent considerable time deconstructing and

studying what went into the creation of Steampunk

stories and is proud that GEARED UP: WRITING STEAMPUNK not only has gathered 5* cheers from reviewers but is still the only book out there that focuses just on the elements that go into a Steampunk story.

Since once a historian and writing instructor gets started on research and deconstruction she can't stop, Daniels took on other types as alternative history

although not in as much depth as she did Steampunk.

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