• Nied Darnell

Frolics in 1880s London!

I've inadvertently discovered that another cast of Steampunk -- or rather Gaslamp Fantasy -- characters had been waiting patiently (well, perhaps not as patiently as one would expect) in the waiting room hoping to catch my attention. If I strolled through it without my nose in a book, I might have seen them earlier. Still, perhaps that allowed them to form up nicely before I ever met them. Quite sure my muse was priming them. He's that sort of fellow.

These characters cornered me when I was staring at the call for submissions to a Steampunk anthology requiring fairytale touches. Well, perhaps Miss Alasadorph Fitz-Castlecutt rapped sharply on the door to my lair with her umbrella. I'm merely thankful she didn't attempt to trip me with

it as I passed. I wouldn't put it past her. She's a force unto herself.

But then, she has to be. She's an inquiry agent in London, though a Gaslamp/Steampunk London, circa 1880s where it is still most definitely a man's world.

Alas knows best how to circumvent this -- she has a partner who is quite the stallion -- because he is a stallion. You know, a horse. A Palomino who retains his stock of pure white mane when shifting to human form. Reginald Templeton Whitemayne (Reggie) is at the track far more than he is in the office. But Alas does find he has his uses, one is that he can become transportation in a pinch.

She can also call on the aid of Mr. Hydelbrand Coaxemout, an investigative reporter with the Times. What Brandy can't lure from a bloke over a pint or two he can usually get via more amorous adventures with a companionable society gossip or two...or three...or however many it takes.

With both Reggie and Brandy at her beck and call, Alas is sure to solve the case, although she does so with a heavy dose of attitude and, if necessary, prods with her umbrella...which happens to have a sword secreted in the stock.

Now, would you believe it? The anthology said "not exactly what we had in mind". Alasadorph is likely to give them a piece of hers, so I headed her off. How was this accomplished? Well, release THE CASE OF THE MARQUIS' UNCHOSEN BRIDE into the KindleShort universe, of course. It just so happens, the case is available for your reading pleasure right now!

getbook.at/UNCHOSEN And it is at the most modest price of 99 cents!

This isn't the last we'll see of Alas, Reggie and Brandy though. The two gents said, "we don't need no bleedin' anthology, darling. Just write up our adventures, won't you? There's a luv." To which Alasadorph added, "Quite." There is already one on the drawing board. Reggie's been talking to a hooved Peeler about a problem and...ah, but that's for another post in the future, isn't it? Suffice to say this threesome will have further adventures. I quite liked them!