• Nied Darnell

Gwen Grimm is back!

Well, we say "back" but as this short story predates (at least in Gwen's world) the events recounted in WAGES OF SIN, by "back" we mean there's a new tale that has Gwen dashing about Capital City wearing different glamours.

She's freshly back from serving as an undercover agent in Europe where she was detailed to deal not with the same war that everyone referred to when they sang "Over There", but one taking place in pretty much the same area. It's just the combatants were the trolls and the elves.

She got an accommodation for her work in conning both sides, maneuvering them into place to set off a Happy Bomb that left everyone feeling gung ho to get real friendly with their "natural" enemy. However, that accommodation seems to have gotten lost in the mail.

There are still trolls and elves to deal with in the New World and the situation is quite different than what she dwelt with in the late war.

Is our girl up to the job? Durn right she is, even if it is her first week on the job!

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