• Nied Darnell


Now, don't those words make you want to dive right into a new Steampunk reading experience? One playing out in the Weird West? !!!!

Well, maybe you need to know a bit more about who the Covert Cogs are?

Or perhaps what the Allegory Society is first!

It's a secret organization that takes on cases that the Pinkertons want nothing to do with and the local constabulary in Chicago and places west haven't the resources to handle.

The world is America during the Gilded Age, which equates to late Victorian, or post Reconstruction -- let's say the 1870s through 1880s...at least at this point, serves as our stage.

The Allegory Society was founded by the current director, Mr. Pendulum, and while his first agents -- or as they refer to themselves, Cogs -- worked for him in undercover positions during the Second American Civil War (which only took place in this particular Steampunk world, not historically), he has added other talented investigators since then.

While Mick Tindale wasn't one of those earliest recruits, he is one of the first Cogs to appear in the Case Files, which are novella length adventures (sometimes called Quick Reads in this modern world, I believe). Mick and his lovely and quite talented partner, Miss Ariel Knapp, are on the trail of giant mechanical robbers, one of them with a very deadly finger. They are backed up by the Cog answer to James Bond's Q, a mechanical master inventor, Langston Avery. But, not content to just hand over his gadgets, Lang also jumps into the field with Mick and Ariel, who get backup from Mr. Pendulum himself as well.

What's the adventure called? THE CASE OF THE SHOOTIST'S FINGER, of course.

In fact, all the novellas are creative narratives based on files from successfully solved Allegory Society cases. As far as we can see, they've never had an unsuccessful job...at least, not yet!

The narratives might be a bit sensational but The Director did warn the staff in that odious memorandum!

Should you be interested in meeting Mick, Ariel and Lang...oh, and I suppose Mr. Pendulum as well...you will see them at their best in THE CASE OF THE SHOOTIST'S FINGER, which can be found here: http://www.getbook.at/SHOOTIST

When next I settle at my typewriter (the most updated version in these ultra mechanical times), you will meet a most extraordinary man, one who isn't himself a Cog but who can't resist an adventure with a lovely She Cog.

Well, who could? !!!!!

Respectively yours,

Nied Darnell