Chicago, Illinois

The Allegory Society is rather like a 19th century Weird West version of the Kingsmen, for foiling criminal masterminds does fall under their charter. It can also be compared to the Men in Black, without aliens from other worlds, though aliens from other countries do concern them.


The Allegory Society is a secret agency not connected to any division of

the government, though they do,

when necessary, work with

government offices.  

The Society is under the guidance of Mr. Julius Pendulum, the Director. 

It is Pendulum who assigns his operatives, whom he terms "Agents", though they refer to themselves

as Covert Cogs. 

The Society has its own gadget shop which turns out spy gear for the Cogs. The array of tools available to a Cog is decades beyond those used by governmental law enforcement officers and the various detective agencies' operatives, for electricity surfaces in more than one of the "deterrents".​ The Society does not discourage their agents from augmenting their personal arsenals with weapons manufactured by Colt, Remington, and others though.​ Ingenuity in the field is

also highly valued.

The original Cogs were culled from the spy network Pendulum ran before and during the Second American Civil War (see "Twists to History" in the menu). Other Cogs have been lured away from Pinkertons, from the stage, and government service. The ability to integrate themselves into the playing field to unearth infamy and the ability to be cunning and creative as they solve mysteries are traits desired over past experience by Pendulum.


Cogs work in teams of two. At times this pairing is of two male agents but more often is a male and female Cog working in tandem. The most experienced Cogs occasionally

work alone or take on help when they feel it is needed from outside sources.

Headquartered in Chicago, assignments take Covert Cogs from cities west of the Allegheny Mountains to the frontier territories and possibly, in the future, to San Francisco as well.